We have put together a list of information so that you will know what to bring with you when you come to us with your GIBBONS FASTAG needs. Also, in the Form Section, there are links to the forms that you can download and fill out at home. This is how we can maximize our efficiency and make your process run as smoothly as ever.


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Driver licenses renewals

What you will need.

Title Transfer

  • Title
  • Current Pennsylvania Driver’s License
  • Bill of Sale or Gift Letter
  • Odometer Reading
  • If making a gift, you may fill out an Affidavit of Gift Form

Tag Transfer

  • Title of Vehicle
  • Proof of Insurance on said Vehicle
  • Current Pennsylvania Driver’s License
  • Registration Card from plate being removed
  • Tag Transfer Form

Change of Address

  • For a Driver’s License, you MUST BRING a CURRENT Driver’s License
  • For Vehicle Registration, bring a Registration Card or Title
  • Change of Address Form

Notary Seals

  • Bring current Driver’s License or Photo ID (i.e. Passport)


DL-143 Non-Commercial Driver’s License Renewal Application

DL-80 Non-Commercial Driver’s License Change/Correction/Replacement

MV-63 Change of Address

MV-140 Request for Registration/ Renewals

MV-44 Duplicate Registration Card/ Replacement of Registration Plate, Renewal Sticker or Weight Class Sticker

MV-38O Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner

DL-54B Photo ID Card Change/ Correction Replacement

DL-59 Change from a Junior Driver’s License to a Regular Non-Commercial License

DL-135 Request for Vehicle Information

DL-503 Request for Driver Information

MV-11 Permanent, Antique, Classic or Collectible Registration

MV-39 Notification of Assignment/Correction of Vehicle Title Upon Death of Owner

MV-41 Correction of Vehicle or Verification of Vehicle Identification Number

MV-41A Correction of Name Change

MV-145 Person with a Disability or Hearing Impaired Registration Plate or a Person witha Disability Motorcycle Plate

MV-145A Person with a Disability Parking Placard

MV-145V Disabled Veteran, Severely Disabled Veteran Registration Plate or Severely Disabled Veteran Motorcycle Plate Decal

MV-150 U.S. Military Veteran Registration Plate

MV-371 Retired Person’s Vehicle Registration

MV-904 Special/Personalized Registration Plates

MV-911 Special Fund Registration Plate